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Marketing activities should result in a win-win solution means that customers want to buy the product if the product is in accordance with craving.

Conversely companies can profit from their product if the product is bought by the customer.

Based on the profit, the company can continue its business until he can meet the customer more in the foreseeable bring.

With other words, the company has always guided or focused on the values contained within the customer, so that marketing activities can be successful.

Therefore to reach all those in need of a marketing plan name, so what will be done in accordance with plan. Marketing is the core requirement for marketers.

Benefits of creating a plan include: encouraging systematic thinking about the future, enhance coordination, establish performance standards for measuring trends, provide a logical basis for decision-making, enhance the ability to past tense beat change, and improve the ability to identify market opportunities.

The definition of strategic marketing planning according to Mc Donald is the management process that leads to marketing planning.

Planning a logical sequence and a series of activities towards setting marketing objectives and the formulation of a plan to achieve his goal.

Marketing planning is the planned application of marketing resources to achieve marketing objectives.

Thus marketing planning is a systematic process of designing and coordinating marketing decisions marketing.

Planing provide focus for the gathering of information, the format for the dissemination of information, and the structure for the development and coordination of strategic and tactical responsiveness of the company.

The purpose of marketing plan is the identification of excellence competetive creations.

This marketing plan is a real form of the company to provide a strategic response to the changing patterns of global competition consists of:

1) adjusting the size of the business,

2) changes in the scope of the product and / or market or

3) the creation of a new network of relationships with other organizations.

Benefits of a marketing plan:

1. achieve better coordination of activities

2. identify the expected development

3. improving organizational readiness for change 

4. minimize irrational response till the unexpected response

5. reduce conflict about where the organization should move

6. improve communication

7. urged the management to think ahead systematically

8. expand the resources available adjustments for a chance selection Troubleshooting problems that arise due to lack of marketing planning:

 1. lost opportunities for profit

2. the numbers do not mean in the long-term plan

3. unrealistic goals

4. lack of market information to do

5. dispute between functional

6. Management frustrating

7. proliferation of products and markets

8. promotional spending vain

9. pricing is too confusing

10. weakened against the development of business

11. loss of control of the business Minimum marketing plan includes the following elements:

a. Marketing objectives and marketing strategy

b. Marketing mix strategy

c. Description of products

d. Pricing strategy

e. Promotion plan

f. Determination of the product (sales and distribution) Key steps in marketing planning include:

1. situation analysis The analysis conducted in this stage is the SWOT analysis (weaknesses, opportunities, and threats).

This analysis covers the opportunities and problems posed by the trend of the buyer's situation, competitors, and regulatory costs.

In addition, included also in are the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

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