Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Business Tips So You Can Enjoy the Lifestyle You Want

Business system that is practical and low-cost is often a warm conversation businessmen.

In recent years, I'm very focused with business systems improvise in my business.

In one of my my new manufacturing business we make improvements in system sales.

What was once very dependent on word of mouth strategies now we better pick up the ball in search of new customers.

Businesses that do not last long or in a state of loss often because existing customers are not shopping anymore and do not have an effective sales system.

Do you have business sales system proven to deliver more customers than you can handle each month? Business system that practically did not have to swallow a lot of cost.

I just finished airing on radio and some questions referring to the improvement of system sales.

There are entrepreneurs who asks, 'how to reactivate my old customers who have not shopped again'?

Maybe you had asked the same thing, how the customers that are inactive for shopping to you can spend more?

One of the keys to building a 'profitable' business 'repeat customers' is having loyal customers and shop constantly with you.

 Villa In my business, we have a list of repeat guests every time they to Bali, rent a villa.

What's the secret? There are 3 tips increase repeat business from your customers:

 Do not wait to make them stop shop 'customer service excellence.

People who have decided not to go shopping with you they are usually disappointed to you or your product / service.

Give more than they expected from the beginning.

Update your existing customers with your new products or 'keep in touch' with them.

The longer you do not communicate with them the less chance they shop with you again.

Ask for feedback on services / products you are and what they need in the future.

This could seem counter-productive where they may feel disappointed with your earlier service but did not rule if you decide to clean themselves someday they will do business with you again.

Practical Business Systems can begin to see the process of how you serve your customers, market your product / service and do an analysis of what can be improvised.

In the Rapid Profit Seminar teaches us practical tips on how to patch the leaks in your business system. 

Revamping the system does not have to be expensive, and start with the basic but important things.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Promotion Strategy - Doubling Profit Business As Sluggish Market

Promotion strategies needed to build a robust business in the midst of this intense competition.

Without proper strategy promotion, your efforts will surely fall.

Some employers complained about how hard it is to make selling their products and services by competitors selling similar goods even with much cheaper.

Thus, he often had to provide discounts more than planned, as a result cutting profit margins.

Last week businessman furniture consulted with me and complained he was hard to get the ideal consumers are certainly consumers who buy in bulk and make timely payments.

Some of the credit crunch ensued because the team does not perform credit analysis sales are ripe for some customers.

Many entrepreneurs are not doing the right promotional strategies so that they tend to have difficulty in getting customers.

There is a culinary entrepreneur lonely frustration visitors coming to stores despite the campaign and has been spending much money.

With rent and operating costs tend to rise, he got desperate and wanted to decide to close the business.

But another problem arises, if you want to go out of business, so much kitchen equipment and others that have sold.

Not to mention the problem of the rental shop to be in over-contracted. However, the consultation session yesterday, there was a bright spot for twisting his business.

After analyzing sales and see the details of their business that they do many things without a clear purpose. 

Example, launched a promotion strategy is not effective as advertising in the media is wrong and less attractive.

A few other things turned out, they did not do a thorough analysis of the customer, so they do not think the sales team when the deal with the customer's margin.

This is why many businesses are experiencing problems 'cash flow' and a prolonged credit crunch.

Once the consultation is complete there are at least 3 things they conclude business to double profit when the market is sluggish:

1. Must revised its market segment and focus with 'profitable customers.

2. thinking consumers and understand the terms of 'needs' and 'wants' them.

3. improve system and sharpen their sales value-added business that is not focused promotional discounts.

Promotion strategy will determine the continuity of your business, in a very saturated market, you need to sharpen strategies to remain competitive in the market.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

How to Achieve Sales Target - Amid The Sluggish Market

How to achieve sales targets always a warm conversation me and entrepreneurs.

Sunday I met a businessman who since last year sales experience and want to know how to achieve sales targets.

So many who run businesses but fail in making a difference to competitors so that price wars occur, is difficult to achieve sales targets.

Not to mention plus the internal factors such as a weak communication between divisions, sales teams that do not reach the target until the sub-standard customer service.

The combination of the things above make a lot of employers are not consistent in achieving sales targets per month.

How to achieve sales targets require different strategies in different industries.

Often entrepreneurs to get advice that is too general so that sales do not reach the target.

Here's the question of family business owners who are frustrated with their internal management:

"How can my child be more focused on sales and explore what the market needs"?

Do you also have the challenge of achieving specified sales targets?

In increasing sales there are some elements that you should consider, at least four elements:

Prospective Customer:
How do you in getting prospective customers or prospects?

Several proven strategies is to advertise, using social media, word of mouth and many more.

Success rate: you should have a mechanism to make your prospects and customers are some strategies that I have implemented is to have a unique, offering sensational, reliable sales techniques and products the market needs.

Example: apple products created Steve Jobs always sell well when released into the market and because their products have unique design, just so that millions of people around the world willing to stand in line when they launch new products.

Repeat business:

You must have a strategy for your customers back and back and a few tips to increase repeat business is to have customer service that is 'excellent' and do a follow-up to your customers who have bought into you.

Turnover per customer:
Have you ever spend more than you planned when you are in the supermarket or shop at the mall?

If so, remind what strategies do they use? Buy 5 get 1 free? Minimum spending 150 thousand discount of 30%, etc?

In your business, make sure you have some strategies to increase sales turnover per customer so you will be rapid.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is dividing a market into activity groups of buyers with different needs, characteristics, or behavior who might require a different product or a different marketing mix. Market segmentation can be defined or market segmentation is the process of identifying and analyzing the buyers in the product market, check difference between buyers in the market.
1. The basics in setting Market Segmentation In determining market segmentation there are some things which it is based are:

1. Basic - basic market segmentation in consumer market

 a. Geographic variables, including: area, size of the area, city size, climate and density.

 b. Demographic variables, including: age, family life cycle, income, education, etc.

 c. Psychological variables, such as: social class, lifestyle, and personality.

 d. Variable behavior of buyers, including: benefits sought, user status, usage rate, loyalty status and attitudes on the product.

 2. Basic - basic market segmentation in the industry

 a. Stage 1: define macro segmentation,end-user markets, geographic location, and the number of subscriptions.

 b. Stage 2: the attitude of the seller, traits - personality traits, quality products, and customers.

 2. Market segmentation Terms There are some effective segmentation requirements are:

 a. Can be measured

 b. achieved

 c. Large enough or profitable enough

 d. Can distinguished

 e. Can be implemented

 3. Level Market Segmentation Because the purchase has unique needs and desires. Every buyer, potentially a separate market. Therefore, market segmentation can be built on several different levels.

 a. Mass Marketing Mass marketing focuses on mass production, mass distribution, and mass promotion for the same product in much the same way throughout the consumer.

 b. Marketing segment Marketing segment aware that buyers differ in their needs, perceptions, and buying behavior.

 c. Niche marketing Marketing niche (niche marketing) focuses on a sub group within the segments. A niche is a group that is defined more narrowly.

 d. Micro Marketing Practice adjustment of product and marketing programs to suit the individual tastes or specific location. Included in the micro marketing is local marketing and individual marketing.

 4. Benefits of Market Segmentation Benefits of market segmentation are:

 a. Sellers or producers are in a better position to choose the marketing opportunities.

 b. Seller or manufacturer can use his knowledge to marketing responses vary, so it can allocate the budget more accurately the various segments.

 c. Sellers or producers can better manage the product and its marketing appeal.