Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Business Tips So You Can Enjoy the Lifestyle You Want

Business system that is practical and low-cost is often a warm conversation businessmen.

In recent years, I'm very focused with business systems improvise in my business.

In one of my my new manufacturing business we make improvements in system sales.

What was once very dependent on word of mouth strategies now we better pick up the ball in search of new customers.

Businesses that do not last long or in a state of loss often because existing customers are not shopping anymore and do not have an effective sales system.

Do you have business sales system proven to deliver more customers than you can handle each month? Business system that practically did not have to swallow a lot of cost.

I just finished airing on radio and some questions referring to the improvement of system sales.

There are entrepreneurs who asks, 'how to reactivate my old customers who have not shopped again'?

Maybe you had asked the same thing, how the customers that are inactive for shopping to you can spend more?

One of the keys to building a 'profitable' business 'repeat customers' is having loyal customers and shop constantly with you.

 Villa In my business, we have a list of repeat guests every time they to Bali, rent a villa.

What's the secret? There are 3 tips increase repeat business from your customers:

 Do not wait to make them stop shop 'customer service excellence.

People who have decided not to go shopping with you they are usually disappointed to you or your product / service.

Give more than they expected from the beginning.

Update your existing customers with your new products or 'keep in touch' with them.

The longer you do not communicate with them the less chance they shop with you again.

Ask for feedback on services / products you are and what they need in the future.

This could seem counter-productive where they may feel disappointed with your earlier service but did not rule if you decide to clean themselves someday they will do business with you again.

Practical Business Systems can begin to see the process of how you serve your customers, market your product / service and do an analysis of what can be improvised.

In the Rapid Profit Seminar teaches us practical tips on how to patch the leaks in your business system. 

Revamping the system does not have to be expensive, and start with the basic but important things.

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