Saturday, December 8, 2012

Brand Building Strategy

Every company should develop their own policies regarding the brand for eye products in the same line.

Brand is a combination of a name, word, symbol or design that identifies the product.

As discussed earlier, that is not the product but the brand advertised.

Brand has economic role if the brand is mass produced so as to achieve economies of scale and can hamper successful brand for competitors who wish introduces the same brand.

Brand also has a strategic role to be a differentiator between brands offered by the company with its competitors brand. From a consumer perspective, a trusted brand is a guarantee of consistency of performance of the products and provide the benefits that consumers look for when buying a particular product or brand.

Brand is also a promise to the consumer that the only mention his name, raised hopes that the brand will deliver the best quality, comfort, status and other considerations when consumers make purchases.

Brand consists of private brands (private brand / store brand / distributor of brand / private label), the specific brand / individual (specific / individual brand), brand line / family (line / family brand), a brand company (corporate brand), brand combination (cobination brand).

Private brand is a brand that is sponsored by a distributor, such as the wholesalers and retailers.

Alfa issued sugar to the Supermarket brands but do not have a sugar mill, the Alfa uses private brand distributor with permission sugar.

Allowing private brand wholesalers or retailers give lower prices and allow for higher profit.

Where ever many overseas companies ranging from upscale clothing actually produced in Indonesia, but given the brand overseas. Similarly, Indonesian-made shoes, branded ordering from abroad.

Although made in Indonesia, but with foreign brands it can be sold at high prices.
Because it is being sold is not the product but the brand.
Another strategy is to build a brand with a specific brand of a strategy to give the brand name of a specific product.

Unilever uses this strategy, for example, Axe deodorant brand, Blue Band for margarine, Domestos for insect repellent, for Omo detergent, Pepsodent toothpaste to shampoo and Sunsilk. Similarly, P & G, for Camay soap brand, for Crest toothpaste, Duracell for battery, for Gillette razors, Head & Shoulders to shampoo and Pampers for diapers.

Actual marketing strategy brand building strategy in the minds of consumers. If we have the ability to build a brand, it means we have a strong marketing program.

Another strategy to build a brand is to empower brand product lines.
Brand product line strategy is putting the brand name on a product line related.
Brand product line focused and provide a cost advantage to promote product lines rather than individual products.

This strategy is effective if the company has one or more product lines that each contain a relationship between product items.

One advantage the brand product line is the addition of the product items can be introduced to empower the brand name that has been building used.

Strategy large companies to build brands, usually by using the company's brand.
The company's brand strategy is to build a brand identity using the name of the company to identify the product. Toyota, Panasonic, Polytron, Sony, IBM, Intel, Nokia, Sharp, Sanyo, Toshiba, Yamaha, Honda and McDonald's use of corporate brand (corporate brand) to advertise their products.

Advertising both Mega Pro Honda Karisma 1600 and still highlight the brand Honda as a brand company. Avanza and Kijang success as a Top Brand Indonesia, partly because it uses the company's brand Toyota. Toyota in brand building is not only a menjualmobil company, but a company that offers a Total Ownership Experience, ranging from customers to dealers to optimal after sales service.

Toyota Kijang with the image that the vehicle is durable and easy to maintain and prices are relatively high compared with competing brands making it a strong brand in the minds of consumers.

Toyota Avanza, Toyota company using the brand that has been trusted around the world who have a superior product, satisfactory service high resale makes the brand a Top Brand in Indonesia.

Panasonic air conditioner and washing machine also become Top Brand Indonesia, both of which use the company's brand. Polytron with audio, which provides an electronic image of the product is relatively inexpensive, but quality in Indonesia. Similarly, Sharp and Toshiba with a television and a refrigerator, all of which use the company's brand strategy to achieve excellence.

The strategy can also build brand equity by relying on the brand. Brand equity based on a consumer perspective is the introduction of top consumer brands and store it in their memory and their brand associations that support, powerful and unique.

Consumer based brand equity perspective consists of brand awareness (brand awareness) and brand image (brand image.) Brand awareness is the ability of brands to appear in consumers' minds when they are thinking about a particular product and how easy the name is raised. Brand awareness is a basic dimension of brand equity.

A brand does not have any equity until the consumer aware of the brand. Brand new to be able to achieve brand awareness and brand awareness be done all brands.

Level of brand awareness will consist of familiar brands as awareness inclined shallow and remember the brand as a deeper awareness. For Indonesia, if we think of the brand of toothpaste that can quickly arise in our heads then Pepsodent will appear first, followed by Ciptadent, Close-Up and others.

Whereas if we think insect repellent, then Baygon will appear first, followed by three wheels and others. Brand image is a kind of associations that arise in the minds of consumers when considering a particular brand.

The association may appear in the form of images or thoughts associated with a particular brand. This association can be conceptualized by type, support, strength and uniqueness.

Types of brand associations include the attributes, benefits and attitudes.
Attributes consist of the attributes associated with a product such as design, color, size and attributes that are not associated with the product, such as price, user and usage imagery.

While the benefits include functional benefits, symbolic benefits and benefits based on experience. Bodrex associated as a safe drug and fast curing. Komix associated as a cough medicine that can be taken directly to the advertising slogan "Auntie Fe cough,".

To enhance brand equity through the selection of a brand name or logo is good.
Enterprises are most often done through marketing and marketing communications programs to create an association that supports, strong and unique in the consumer's mind between the brand and the attributes or benefits.

High quality products and present the potential value of having a high brand equity requires effective marketing communications efforts and consistent to build and maintain brand equity.

Sosro Tea stated as one of the major brands in Indonesia, is actually nothing more than sugar-sweetened tea water.

However this brand has great brand equity because the marketers do continuous promotion.