Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tips for Preparing Marketing Strategies Plan

For some companies, the marketing plan is only considered to be an annual ritual-made and stored in a closet.

In fact, from some very scientific research says that there is a very clear correlation between the creation of a marketing plan with the success of the company. 

Especially in today, where the rapidly changing business landscape.

Companies that do not make a clear marketing plan will deal.
There are several reasons. First, rapid technological change has made the life cycle of a product is getting shorter ..

Without good planning, our products will run out by competitors who present with advanced technology. Second, businesses have entered the era of liberalization.

Deregulation, free trade, the ease to enter into a business, and so has prompted intense competition with an increasingly aggressive competitors.

For example, harmonization of regulations in the pharmaceutical industry in 2008, would make the competition more exciting and tight.

"Distributors are thinking about how giants can stick nails in Indonesia, because the Indonesian market is so big," said Jacky Mussry reminded the forum members who attended the forum titled Marketing Plan: Crucial Step to Achieve Business Success held on Tuesday the 11th July 2006. Third, the market is divided Each market must be applied differently. "All the more niche," said Jacky.

And the fourth reason is the growing sophistication of the customer.

Customers now have access to information that is very vast, it is driven by the rapidly growing Internet technology. In addition, customers now have more choice of products.

Which makes it even more demanding and are not loyal to a brand.

To get around the above, Jacky Mussry highlighted four things you must have when putting together a marketing plan so that the results are good. First, it has a strong marketing background.

The data can be obtained from external, internal, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

"Sometimes we can get data from sources that have been published," said Jacky Second, it provides a clear direction. "This directive should describe clearly what to do and what not to do company," said Jacky.

He continued, Jacky said that our resources are limited, so we must be careful to use it so we do not run out of resources wasted. Third, when executed can create sales and profits.

"Sales will not be any good if it can not generate profit," said Jacky. Fourth, can be evaluated from time to time. Citing the Norton and Kaplan says, author of The Balanced Scorecard: Turning Strategy into Action, we can not regulate something that is not obvious size. So the measurement is so important to do the evaluation.

By considering the four issues above, the preparation of the 7 step marketing plan the business review, marketing strategy, sales targets, marketing mix, financial-budget, execution, and evaluation will be easier, more accurate, and more generating profit. So the marketing plan is not only a mere ritual, but rather as a tool to win the battle in the market.

"Previously, I did not consider it important marketing plans, but this (forum-red) to open my horizons about the importance of creating a marketing plan," said one forum member who declined to be named.

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