Monday, December 3, 2012

Internal Brand Loyalty

When Sophia Latjuba advertise soap GIV, are you sure that in everyday life he was also wearing a cheap soap that? There is also an interesting story when reporters caught Nirina Zubair, MTV VJ, using numbers to other operators when middle made brand ambassador IM3. Certainly worse is when an employee is caught drinking soft drinks renowned branded main competitor, cash received sanction from the company. The latter is the story of what happened in the U.S.. This story tells about the true brand loyalty, but not by the customer. Often we discuss about customer loyalty, but forget brand loyalty internal parties. And brand loyalty is the expected internal party radiate out to the external customers. Customer loyalty is a mine of money for the company. And in reality, loyalty to product or service revealed in brand loyalty. Surefire brand loyalty becomes the focus of all marketing activities, and even the entire crew of the company. Martin Lindstrom has a unique way to measure brand loyalty. In a survey involving respondents from 13 countries, respondents were asked for their willingness favorite brand's logo tattooed permanently on the arm or other body part. Approach is apparently supported by 18.9 percent of respondents who favored Harley-Davidson. The three most favorite brand in succession follows is Disney, Coca-Cola, and Google. Well, if customers have asked loyal to the brand, what about the employees? Of course employees should be made loyal to the brand. Try to see how Disney evoke brand loyalty. Disney made the system ranging from recruitment, training, HR policies in order to reflect the attributes and the messages contained in the Disney brand. Also includes services, behavior, dress up employees. Ensure that employees understand the meaning of gambling Disney brand, and how they should behave and act to support it. So the brand loyalty of employees as internal party has a broader meaning and heavier demands. Not just using the product faithfully, but also must be able to ensure that customers remain loyal. So employees must serve as the backbone in reviving the brand. This principle is used starting from the earliest stages, hiring new employees. Followed by generating enthusiasm and passion of the employees so that the brand becomes their commitments. How to generate the most effective is to involve them in the process. Including the communication that involves educating employees following feedback mechanism, so that employees have a high awareness of the essence of the brand. Understanding the essence is starting from the values ​​contained in each attribute to the brand identity brand promise. Thus the rise of responsibility and a sense of belonging. All of them should be supported by consistent internal communications to explain the values ​​and behaviors that are appropriate to the brand promise. Success is characterized by the pervasiveness of internalization of values ​​and behaviors in everyday employees. In building a strong brand is needed effective communication, that is consistent, clear, acceptable, and clearly understood by the target audience. This is the principle of marketing communications. The problem is if we call the mind directly fixed marketing communications to customers out there. We often neglect, that communication must also be able to market prior to its internal customers, the employees and the company's internal. Do not forget about brand loyalty internal parties, before telling customers are loyal to our brand.

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