Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Understanding Marketing System The system is a group of items or parts interconnected and interrelated permanently integrated to form a single unit. So it can be interpreted marketing system is a collection of institutions that perform marketing tasks of goods, services, ideas, people, and environmental factors that influence and shape each other and influence the company's relationship with its market. In marketing the items that are interconnected and interrelated that includes:
a. Joint marketing organizations that carry out the work.
b. Products, services, ideas or human being marketed.
c. Target market.
d. Intermediaries (retailers, wholesalers, transport agencies, financial institutions).
e. Environmental constraints (environmental constraints).

The simplest marketing system consists of two related elements, namely the marketing organization and target market. Elements in a marketing system similar to elements that exist in a stereo radio system. Working separately, but reunited at the right time.

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