Sunday, June 24, 2012

Marketing Information System

If in the broadest sense, is a marketing information system individual activities and organizations that facilitate and expedite satisfying exchange relationships in a dynamic environment through the creation and distribution of promotional pricing of goods services and ideas.

Marketing information system has always been used by marketing departments in a company to market the company's products.

This information system is a combination of decisions that relate to: Product Place Promotion Prices of products Marketing strategy The marketing strategy consists of a mixture of elements called the marketing mix all that well known the 4Ps, namely:
What products are purchased to satisfy customer needs Promotion relates to all the ways that encourage sales Place associated with the distribution of physical products to customers through a distribution Price consists of all elements that relate to what is paid by the customer Marketing Information System Components Marketing information system has the same components of information systems in general, input components, models, outputs, data bases, and control technologies.

The difference between these components other information systems is the location of the system context information.
For example, for this marketing information system, the component input is the data input and output marketing are reports contain information marketing.

Component Input Marketing Marketing information system to collect data describing the company's marketing transactions.
Subsystem marketing intelligence to gather information from the environment related companies marketing operations. Subsystem marketing researchers perform such research specifically on marketing operations. Component Model of Marketing The model is used to generate relevant information in accordance with the requirements of the user system.

The model is a form of mold that converts inputs into outputs.
Model in marketing information systems are widely used to generate reports operating budget purposes, product pricing strategy, new product evaluations, site facilities, removal of old product evaluation, designation salesman, determination of the optimal delivery route, the selection of the most effective advertising medium and to credit approval.
Component Database Marketing Data Subsystems used by the output from the data base.

Some of the data in the data base is unique to the marketing function, but many are shared with other functional areas.

Component Output Marketing Each subsystem output provides information about the subsystem as part of the mix Product subsystem provides information about the company's products. Subsystem promotion advertise provide information on activities and direct sales companies. Subsystem price helps managers to make pricing decisions.

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