Friday, November 30, 2012

Pricing Strategy Based on Customer Value

With value based pricing approach, many companies managed to build a better pricing scheme and better understand each other what makes consumers willing to reach into pocket.

Various challenges faced by the company, there are several ways to overcome barriers to determine the pricing policy .

I think companies should focus on three things as below:

1. Focus on Customer Value In this case, the company should not put too much emphasis on product.

Features that or just on the price of these products, but more importantly, the company should be more focus on a variety of benefits, whether functional or emotional benefits that can be received by the customer of the product.

2. Provide Differentiation In Products And Services Products or services that the company should have a higher value than competitors.

If not, then the company would be stuck in a situation where the company will be forced to play the price war. This would effectively destroy the ability of companies to set premium rates.

This means that if a company can not make a differentiation that company will have difficulty in setting the price based on the value or benefits that can be provided.

3. Understanding and Communicating the Value Potential All Sources In order to perform value-based pricing is well, then the company should understand the value or benefits received by the customer.

This means that companies must be able to understand what the customer wants and needs.
If the company already understand this then the next thing is to communicate the benefits of the product to the customer that the customer's product consumption has benefits for himself.

Even worse if the benefits of these products exceed the expectations of the customers, it will likely create a loyal customer.

So by using a value-based pricing, customers will benefit from it (products or services), and other than that value-based pricing also has the ability to produce products or services that are superior to competitor products.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

How to Increase Sales - 230% With Internet Marketing

How to increase sales has always been important to many businesses.

Every time I meet with entrepreneurs, the complaint was not much of a problem how to increase sales, less turnover, less time and the team that does not produce. 

When talking further, it turns out the cause is advancing its business is dependent to the business owner. In short, the owners work very hard because the marketing system does not work.

If 90% of businesses fail the first 5 years, 83% also said statistical problems in business is because they do not have a solid marketing system to get prospects and convert them to a customer.

What happens is that many employers use tactics 'Come along' as a way of Increasing sales, which trace what competitors so there is no strong uniqueness.

If there is no 'point of difference' is clear, it is the price war.

You do not want this to happen in your business, is not it? Or maybe this is happening in your business? Many entrepreneurs think marketing is a one-step process and 'bang' flock customer will flood your business, but the fact is marketing is a multy-steps process where you need to be clear on your market segmentation for comunication you can establish with them, build relationships and educate their products and services to you. Typically, this is done manually which tends to take a lot of time and expense.

Now with the Internet Marketing strategy, all can be done in automation and with a very low cost.

With the widespread use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, many businesses use Internet marketing as a marketing strategy as a way to increase sales and to drive prospects from initial step to the next step to become a client.

Without the step by step process, you will be hard to get customers systematically, the result uncertain business turnover.

Businesses that use the Internet to promote today's increasingly feel the benefits, because in Indonesia alone according Depkominfo In October 2010, Internet users has reached 45 million users.

Facebook even issued the latest data, in early 2010 had recorded 24 million Facebook accounts in Indonesia. Facebook is also an extraordinary phenomenon that in fact has more than 500 million users around the world making it possible for you to sell cross-country without a large capital.

If your market are Facebook users, advertise on Facebook is an effective strategy.

We own use Facebook and Twitter as a means to market the Rapid Profit mentoring program that sought a lot of people.

So much needed foresight and market research before choosing the right online media to market your business.

If your market share using Search Engine Marketing and Social Media, but your company is not using Google and / or Facebook to promote your business, you could lose tens of millions of potential customers. Even more worrying is if your competitors know this beforehand and do it.

Businesses that use the Internet Marketing using Google to promote also very often done by some of our clients so that in the next 6 months profits exploded to 300%.

You can put up ads to be searchable by your target market and will only be found by the search of information about your product and service.

In addition there is another strategy, by relying on techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so you can reduce the cost of advertising to 70%.

Imagine your business if it is placed on the first page of Google in kategory product and service you, you obviously be the first choice for finding information about your business.

An aplication effective internet marketing strategy is not easy because without a reliable marketing system, incoming traffic will not be managed properly. Many people think if you have a website it will increase profit in business.

Statistics say within 3-4 seconds if your website does not attract prospects and provide the information you need, then they will go 'in-a-click of a mouse button.

Most of the company to create a website with a creative design and contains a very complete information about their company, how skilled and experienced they are in business.

In fact, your prospects are not at all interested in these things. If this happens, your campaign cost swell but do not create an increase in sales and profit.

Which can attract visitors to your website, are the benefits they can get from you and you should convey in the first 3-4 seconds of their visit to your website.

Implementation of internet marketing strategies in your business should be more than just having a website. Indeed, an effective website should be ter-strategy integrated with other marketing-strategy, then it will be 'selling engine' extraordinary working 24/7.

How to increase sales manifold. Along with changes in the market, the cost of advertising and promotion, business owners need to make innovations in the marketing business.

Internet Marketing strategy proved to be accurate in helping many businesses to rake in profits of more than 300% and even cut advertising costs and operating up to 75%, so it's time your business appear on the first page in the 'Google Search' and PRINT PROFIT now.