Sunday, September 16, 2012

How to Achieve Sales Target - Amid The Sluggish Market

How to achieve sales targets always a warm conversation me and entrepreneurs.

Sunday I met a businessman who since last year sales experience and want to know how to achieve sales targets.

So many who run businesses but fail in making a difference to competitors so that price wars occur, is difficult to achieve sales targets.

Not to mention plus the internal factors such as a weak communication between divisions, sales teams that do not reach the target until the sub-standard customer service.

The combination of the things above make a lot of employers are not consistent in achieving sales targets per month.

How to achieve sales targets require different strategies in different industries.

Often entrepreneurs to get advice that is too general so that sales do not reach the target.

Here's the question of family business owners who are frustrated with their internal management:

"How can my child be more focused on sales and explore what the market needs"?

Do you also have the challenge of achieving specified sales targets?

In increasing sales there are some elements that you should consider, at least four elements:

Prospective Customer:
How do you in getting prospective customers or prospects?

Several proven strategies is to advertise, using social media, word of mouth and many more.

Success rate: you should have a mechanism to make your prospects and customers are some strategies that I have implemented is to have a unique, offering sensational, reliable sales techniques and products the market needs.

Example: apple products created Steve Jobs always sell well when released into the market and because their products have unique design, just so that millions of people around the world willing to stand in line when they launch new products.

Repeat business:

You must have a strategy for your customers back and back and a few tips to increase repeat business is to have customer service that is 'excellent' and do a follow-up to your customers who have bought into you.

Turnover per customer:
Have you ever spend more than you planned when you are in the supermarket or shop at the mall?

If so, remind what strategies do they use? Buy 5 get 1 free? Minimum spending 150 thousand discount of 30%, etc?

In your business, make sure you have some strategies to increase sales turnover per customer so you will be rapid.

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