Wednesday, December 5, 2012


You want a product / name of your company or even your own as labor to win the competition and always top of mind to your customers?

If your answer is "Yes", then it is time for you to own and build a "personal branding",  find or build a typical / unique characteristics as an advantage that you can make yourself a powerful tool in achieving success.

Ever occur to you, why Coca-Cola, able to survive for 100 years, or tea bottle Sosro managed to occupy his current position as a "market leader" drink tea in bottles, or a Harley Davidson that can last a few tens of years in the bicycle industry market motor, or with Microsoft's Bill Gates of his, or Abdullah Gymnastiar with its MQ Corporation.

And we all know they each have a competitor who is not little and not weak.

The marketing strategy is the answer.

Preparation of appropriate marketing strategies will be able to generate greater appeal on a similar product.

The attraction that makes consumers want to buy the product, even if the price is more expensive, although the product attributes (taste, shape or model, color, etc), are not different from similar products.

In many ways, the success of marketing is largely determined by how attractive the product trademark.

Trademark or branding plays an important role for the company as well as someone to be successful, because the company or person who has a strong personal branding will be able to demonstrate the features and advantages in certain areas.

In short, personal branding is a reflection of capabilities, excellence and reputation of a person or company. 

Here is a simple strategy that can be applied by anyone or any company to start building personal branding: 

1. Make history Build personal branding can be started with a database that contains records of achievement and accomplishment that has been achieved previously boast.

Also do not ever forget to take on new challenges and opportunities.

All records of this achievement was to become the basis for the way you or your company's success.

After being able to define what "color" you or your company, before seeking or doing new things, then you should create a plan that focused on "brand" or "color" that has become an option.

Further develop strategies to augment or create new innovative experiences.

2. Never ending study Different types of jobs or products require minimum standards.

Therefore, should you or your company owns and / or follow the minimum standards.

For that you may need to allocate substantial funds to study or do product development company.

Learn .... learn .... and keep learning.

3. Promote yourself Having an accurate personal branding just was not enough.

You should let others know that you or your company was the owner.

Get rid of reluctance or embarrassment to demonstrate the ability of yourself or your company, certainly in ways that positively and elegant.

Learn how to promote a courteous and do not seem particularly arrogant boasting.

One of the media is simple but quite helpful is preparing a resume that contains a record of achievement or accomplishment you or your company, do not forget to include your competence or a specialized company / product.

Make your portfolio in a hard-copy version (printed) and soft-copy (on-line).

If you or your company does not have a personal / official website, it's time to make it, so the whole world can read about you or your company. In the portfolio wherever possible include accomplishments, resume, awards, and also the work that has been accomplished

4. Be expertised There is no more powerful way to promote personal branding, other than by way of showing the world that your company has the competence in a particular field.

How that can be taken can vary, such as by writing articles related to your field of competence, to your company can also be reached by way of a kind that makes promotional program that shows that your company is expert in the field.

It is possible to hold a particular media for publicizing.

Or you can also create your own website to make the publication.
If it is well-known people, begin to look for the opportunity to appear as a speaker at a conference or seminar or meeting forms related to your competency.

Also for your company start by making off-air promotional program to get closer to consumers.

5. Network development Liaise with clients, customers or colleagues a network of relationships that can propel your achievements or your company to be faster.

Take advantage of free time during coffee, lunch, dinner and even though to recount the successes that have been achieved, of course proportionally.

Do not forget also to forge new relationships with anyone and in any occasion.

Keep all business cards, business cards received at the meetings and also store e-mail addresses.

Spend a little time to write an e-mail, message, sending greeting cards to colleagues, customers, even new friends.

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