Friday, September 7, 2012

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is dividing a market into activity groups of buyers with different needs, characteristics, or behavior who might require a different product or a different marketing mix. Market segmentation can be defined or market segmentation is the process of identifying and analyzing the buyers in the product market, check difference between buyers in the market.
1. The basics in setting Market Segmentation In determining market segmentation there are some things which it is based are:

1. Basic - basic market segmentation in consumer market

 a. Geographic variables, including: area, size of the area, city size, climate and density.

 b. Demographic variables, including: age, family life cycle, income, education, etc.

 c. Psychological variables, such as: social class, lifestyle, and personality.

 d. Variable behavior of buyers, including: benefits sought, user status, usage rate, loyalty status and attitudes on the product.

 2. Basic - basic market segmentation in the industry

 a. Stage 1: define macro segmentation,end-user markets, geographic location, and the number of subscriptions.

 b. Stage 2: the attitude of the seller, traits - personality traits, quality products, and customers.

 2. Market segmentation Terms There are some effective segmentation requirements are:

 a. Can be measured

 b. achieved

 c. Large enough or profitable enough

 d. Can distinguished

 e. Can be implemented

 3. Level Market Segmentation Because the purchase has unique needs and desires. Every buyer, potentially a separate market. Therefore, market segmentation can be built on several different levels.

 a. Mass Marketing Mass marketing focuses on mass production, mass distribution, and mass promotion for the same product in much the same way throughout the consumer.

 b. Marketing segment Marketing segment aware that buyers differ in their needs, perceptions, and buying behavior.

 c. Niche marketing Marketing niche (niche marketing) focuses on a sub group within the segments. A niche is a group that is defined more narrowly.

 d. Micro Marketing Practice adjustment of product and marketing programs to suit the individual tastes or specific location. Included in the micro marketing is local marketing and individual marketing.

 4. Benefits of Market Segmentation Benefits of market segmentation are:

 a. Sellers or producers are in a better position to choose the marketing opportunities.

 b. Seller or manufacturer can use his knowledge to marketing responses vary, so it can allocate the budget more accurately the various segments.

 c. Sellers or producers can better manage the product and its marketing appeal.

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