Saturday, August 25, 2012


Marketing Strategy The marketing strategy is making decisions about the cost of marketing, marketing mix, marketing allocation in relation to the expected environmental conditions and competitive conditions. In marketing strategy, there are three main factors that cause a change in marketing strategy, namely:

1. Product life cycle The strategy must be tailored to the stages of the life cycle, namely the introductory stage, growth stage, maturity stage and decline stage.
2. The company's competitive position in the market The marketing strategy should be tailored to the company's position in the competition, is to lead, challenge, follow or just take a small portion of the market.
3. The economic situation The marketing strategy should be adapted to the economic situation and the outlook ahead, whether the economy is in a situation affluent or high inflation. Kinds of Marketing Strategy kinds of marketing strategies such as:
1. Strategy needs of primary Marketing strategies for the design of primary needed: a. Increasing the number of users and b. Increasing the number of buyers.
2. Selective Strategy Needs That is by the way:
 a. Retaining customers for example:
1. Maintaining customer satisfaction;
2. Simplify the purchasing process;
3. Reducing the attractiveness or ahead to switch brands;
b. Attract customers
1. Taking the opposite position (head - to hears positioning)
2. Taking a different position (differentiated position) More clearly, a marketing strategy can be divided into four types:
1. Stimulating the primary need to increase the number of users.
2. Stimulating the primary need to increase the rate of purchase.
3. Selectively stimulate the need to retain existing customers. 4. Stimulate needed selective capture new customers.

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