Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kind of Marketing Systems

Marketing system with vertical channel In this system manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers act in a coherent. purpose: .Controlling the behavior of the channel . Prevent disputes between members of the channel Marketing system with a horizontal line In this system, there is a cooperation between two or more companies join to take advantage of marketing opportunities that arise. Marketing system with multiple channels In this system some style retailing by setting the distribution and management functions are combined, then from behind the centrally led. Environment A Marketing System External macro environment. The macro-environment are:
a. Demographic (population).
b. Economic conditions.
 c. Technology.
d. Social and cultural strength.
e. The political and legal.
f. Competition.
b. External micro environment . Market (market) . supplier . Broker (marketing intermediaries) . Non-Environment - Marketing Intern Power of non - marketing is another company location, strength of research and development. Internal strength is fused (interest) in the organization and controlled by management.

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